Monday, May 18, 2015

New Podcast Channel, Part II

Have you listened to our new podcast channel called, Discern the Call?  The podcast was created to supplement our blog by the same name, Discern the Call.  Each podcast is only few minutes long, but packed with insights into the Franciscan friars of the Province of Saint Barbara.  Discover the beauty of each friar and listen to part II of our conversation.

This week blog and podcast focuses on the question, "What was important in your vocation search or story?"  These podcast are our attempt to introduce you to our members with the hope you will visit us in the near future.

The last podcast focuses on the question, "Why is formation important?" presented by Br. Jeff who spent six (6) years as our former postulant director and four (4) years as our Director of Temporary Professed. To learn more about our first stage of formation called "postulancy" visit our blog post called, "To Know God's Will, Is to Know God."

Peace and All Good,
Bro. Scott Slattum, OFM

Personal Reflection:

What are you looking for in a Religious Order or Institute?  What is important in your vocation search?  Please share your answer in the comment section below.

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